Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm old now...
So on friday,
went to crown for dinner!
Ate at "rockpool",
it's this very nice
steak restaurent.
I had a sirloin steak on the bone,
KJ had a rib-eye steak on the bone,
jiejie had duck confit,
and shuanne had a fish.
The food was damn good!
I liked my steak alot,
I want to eat it again now! haha.
did not take many pictures,
the place was much too dark...
many of the photos were very blurry.

my steak!

After that went to another
restaurent in fitzroy,
it was very well rated online,
ate desserts there,
shared three desserts,
damn good as well.

cutler & co.

On my real birthday,
didn't do much.
So sad,
it's so unlike singapore,
no party or anything here.
Exams are coming anyway.
Went to golden dragon palace
for dim sum.
Then went shopping!
Jiejie bought me
my bithday present haha.
Went to tommy and ben sherman.
Bought a cake from Laurent.
Then at night we ordered pizza
and watched tv.
Kj's brother and the girlfriend
were also here.

My cake!

Picture with the cats :)

My internet is so damn slow,
i took me more than an hour
to blog this post
due to the long
uploading times of the photos.
For the other photos click here.

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