Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've been having so much fun!
Been so tired
I couldn't be bothered
to blog.

So had alot of activities,
they brought us on EXCURSIONS,
damn childish la wth haha.
The excursions were to
sovereign hill,
the gold mining place.
Had a 1 and a half hour
bus ride to and from sovereign hill.
Everyone slept I think.
Also had drama workshops
Damn fun!
Big noise is where
everyone plays a percussion instrument,
and there's dancing etc.
Big noise was on friday night,
so we went out after that.
Did alot of crazy stuff!!!
I won't say it here,
but you'll find it on facebook...

Zzzz, for some reason
blogger doesn't allow me
to upload photos.
Head over to facebook
if you want to see them.

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