Friday, November 27, 2009

That's it.

So this is the end of my academic year. School ends officially next week at valedictory. Going to miss melbourne so much :(. Once I leave on 8 Dec I would not be coming back for two years. How I wish I could just stay here. Psych exam today was not that bad, people were saying it was harder than the old one. I did not find this one hard... If only I studied for the first exam, my psych mark could have been 90+%...

Strangely, even though I do not have to study for the next two years, I do not feel very liberated. What is wrong with me? I should be like over the moon.

Now the next big task is moving back to Singapore. Like literally moving all my things in melbourne back to Singapore. This is going to be hell. I look around my room and wish my maid was here. Half eaten chocolate next to my com, messy bed on my left, broken pencil on my table, pile of clothes on top of my drawer... The list goes on.

Wish I had a teleport machine and I could just teleport everything back. I wonder if a teleport machine would ever be invented. It would be so fun, if someone was late for a meeting I could just teleport to their house and rush them. Or I could teleport home in the middle of lecture to take a nap. The possibilities are endless.

And I lost my fricking camera and iPod. Not sure if it dropped out of my bag or someone stole it in the library. Haha, that is what I get for working hard and going to the library to study. HAS ANYONE SEEN A BLACK CAMERA AND IPOD????!!! IT'S MINE!

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