Saturday, March 21, 2009


I just changed my blog skin!
Haven't changed it
in quite awhile.
Thanks evon!
For helping me find this skin.

Today was damn hot,
34 degrees...
stayed at home most of the time,
just went out to
westfield for lunch
and boxhill for dinner,
rest of the time
was spent at home
First time I did
work on a saturday...
Shuhuei and shuanne
stayed over last night,
we all woke up
quite late this morning.

Quite tired now,
it seems that
the earliest I've slept
in the past week or 2
was at 1am.
But it's okay,
I have good sleeps during lectures :)
No need to worry
about me getting
not enough sleep haha.
Chem lectures are the
best to sleep in,
nobody can understand
the lecturer
and my tutor can explain
everything to me,
so I do not fall behind at all.

Going to city tomorrow!
I think we're going to the
11am service at cross culture,
then we are going to
My jiejie already
booked the room.
Tomorrow will be damn fun!
Can't wait.

I don't want to go
to school on monday,
I already have monday blues haha.

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