Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok got back all
results already.
Passed SS/SSH got a C6
which sucks.
A low A1 for E Math.
Was so scared
I wouldn't get an A1,
my paper 2 was
really shitty, 70/100,
luckily paper 1 got 67/100,
which means i got 76.25% total.
Calculated my L1R5,
f***ing 18 points,
not even close to
my predicted based on PSLE of 13 points.
I hate humanities.

Okay, O's start in 5 weeks,
will probably have 8 hours of A/E math
tuition each week.
1.5 hours of chemistry,
1.5 hours of physics.
11 hours of tuition per week,
Got to rush my humanities,
to pull up my L1R5,
especially geography.

I feel so tired,
been concentrating too much
on sciences and maths,
neglected humanities
cos i just got no interest.
Don't know what I'm going to
do about geography and history/ss,
is there still
enough time to get a B4?

Miss the feeling of not
having any exams approaching haha.

Regardless of what i've
been saying,
or anything like that =D
Something random,
there's no such word as Irregardless,
it's like saying
double Regardless
I know alot of people
use it,
but Irregardless just makes no sense,
Regardless is shorter,
and one less syllable!

Been playing spore
on my iphone,
super fun! Haha
at lvl 18 now,
its getting harder.

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