Sunday, January 11, 2009


My results come out tomorrow!
I just hope I beat my jiejie.
I'll be really really sad
if I get more than 15 points.
Not sure what
to expect right now.

Today we went to Jem's church.
Reach Community Church.
It's a small church,
much like THOP.
I'll probably join that church.
So after church,
we drove to williamstown for fish & chips!
Had oysters too,
fresh oysters with lemon,
damn shiok!!
Then went to westfield to shop
and then we went home.
Had a late dinner today
as we snacked too much
in the afternoon.
It's just so nice
to have something to munch on
while downloading songs.

I took alot of songs
from KJ today.
I now have 2000+ songs =D.
I think I'm going
to use my old ipod
to store songs,
my iphone would run out
of space really soon.

Gotto sleep now, it's 12.21am.

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