Sunday, October 12, 2008


something random.

Kj brought back a special chilli
the other time.
It's called habanero and
is the world's 2nd hottest chilli.
It's so hot that
you're supposed
to wear gloves to
touch/cut it.
Its seed is the hottest part,
Haha, my mother planted it.
The birds in my area have
been eating the other
chilli's my mother planted.
The birds finally
met their match I think.
You see,
the birds usually finish
off the chilli,
this one on
the other hand,
left a hole in the chilli.
Hahaha, one peck and
it probably died.
When the other
habanero chilli's got ripe,
they were not touched.
I think all the other bird's
learnt a lesson from that

The habanero's that were not touched.

See the one on the right with the hole? The green ones would turn orange soon.

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